• Latest 15+ Matches
  • Current Battle Pass and Agent Contract Progress
  • Current Bundle
  • Stats of all Matches, such as Headshot%, Winrate, best Agent etc.
An image of VALTracker's Hub.


  • Detailed Statistics about your Matches
  • Medals based on your performance
  • Scoreboard with all players from the match
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Shop Checker

  • View your current Store in the app
  • See your Account Balance
  • Watch the videos for all levels and colors
  • Take a look at your Night Market if available, including Discounts
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Inventory Manager

  • Change cards, sprays and weapon skins quickly
  • Quickly change your whole inventory with presets
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Favorite Matches

  • Mark your best matches as favorites
  • View your favorite matches even in a year or two
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Skin Wishlist

  • Add any skin you don't own to your wishlist
  • Recieve a Windows Notification when it appears in your store
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Player Search

  • Search for other players to see their latest matches and rank
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VALORANT Rich Presence

  • Show your friends on Discord what you are playing
  • Customize the content of the Rich Presence in the settings
VALORANTCompetitive - In Match11 - 230:21 elapsed

Support for unlimited multiple accounts

  • Add as many accounts as you want
  • Check all your stores, inventories and played matches within seconds
  • The image of a VALORANT Rank.
  • The image of a VALORANT Rank.
  • The image of a VALORANT Rank.
  • The image of a VALORANT Rank.