Privacy Policy

Changed last 18.12.2022

VALTracker ("we", "us") is managed by Spirit#6996 (Discord) / @SpiritLetsPlays (Twitter) and is responsible for the website and program "VALTracker".

What data is saved by VALTracker?

  • Settings for the app
  • Tokens used for Riot Logins
  • Past VALORANT Matches that get deleted after they appear from the Match History
  • Search History for the Player Search Feature

How is this data saved?

All data is saved in a local database on the user's PC. None of the above mentioned data gets sent to any server other than for authentication, and does not get saved by us. As for any errors you encounter while using VALTracker, they will be anonymously sent to our team for further investigation.

What data is sent to a/the server?

  • Riot Games Tokens (Used for authentication)
  • A special Token generated by VALTracker used for synchronization of settings (if activated), receiving of updates and messages.

What data is saved by the server?

  • Version of the instance
  • Riot Username and Usertag
  • If an instance is currently online or not (Log-in dates do not get saved)
  • Settings of the instance (if activated)
  • If an app is signed up for beta releases
  • A special token to authenticate the instance

How is this data used?

Data saved by the app:

  • The data saved by the app is only used locally, besides the aforementioned tokens.

Data saved on the server:

  • The data saved on the server is used to ship updates and messages to instances and to synchronize settings over multiple devices.

Sharing of data

All data saved on both the server and the user's system does not get processed and/or sent to any third party for means of monetary gain or anything else.

How can I delete my data?

Data saved by the app:

  • Uninstall VALTracker via the Windows Settings
  • Delete the folder at this location:

Data saved on the server:

Either join our Discord Server and message us to delete your data or write us an e-mail at [email protected]. Currently, data cannot be deleted automatically.