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The only VALORANT Stats Tracker you ever needed.

This project has been discontinued. Thank you for your support!


Customizable VALORANT Rich Presence

VALTracker comes with it's own Rich Presence for VALORANT built-in so that you can start playing without 5 different programs open in the background.
An image of Jett.
VALORANTCompetitive - In Match0 - 001:20 elapsed

Personal Store Checker

Stop wasting time by opening the game to check your store. VALTracker comes with its own built in store checker that keeps you updated.
An image of the Reaver Bundle.
RGX 11z Pro Vandal
An image of the RGX Vandal.

Skin Wishlist with Desktop Notifications

Down bad for a skin? Add it to your personal wishlist and get a Windows Notification when it's in your store!
VALTracker's Logo.


VALTracker's Logo.
1 Wishlisted items in your shop!

1 wishlisted item is in your daily shop! It will be gone in 5 Hours.

Inventory Manager with custom presets

Tired of VALORANT's cluttered in-game inventory? We've got the solution for you: inventory presets and search bars.
An image of VALTracker's Inventory Manager, showing an all-blue collection.

Free to use API

Looking for an API containing all VALORANT Bundles? Well, you've found it. Including all weapons, sprays, buddies, cards, their respective images, prices, levels and much, much more.
RGX 11z Pro Bundle
Featured Bundle
Featured Bundle | Weapons